Hands-On Class

Organizers can choose from one of our six curated, seasonal menus. These classes are led by one of our talented chef instructors and flow just like our normal classes. The minimum for these classes is 12 guests, and we can accommodate up to 24.

Chopped Challenges

This is the ultimate team-building experience. In this event, teams of 4, 5 or 6 guests work together to make the best dishes from a mystery basket of ingredients. Guests will have access to our pantry, spice rack and equipment. Dishes are judged based on taste, creative use of ingredients, and presentation. (Don’t worry, we’ll also make a meal for you to enjoy between rounds; dessert after round 2)! Ideal for groups of 11–42 people in our main room, but can hold up to 60 if planned in advance for both culinary rooms.

Tapas Tastings

In this class, guests go from station to station making three small plate dishes. Plus a prepared dessert. Each station is manned by one of our chefs; combined, they make a full meal. The event overall is more casual, social, and free flowing. This is great for high interaction amongst all participants and for larger groups. Ideal for 30–70 people.

Virtual Cooking Class

During the pandemic, we’ve added a new online event. This event is a demo style, hour long cooking class led by Chef Alyssa. Choose one from a selection of menus with a flat rate fee for the group. Menus are designed around minimal ingredients that offer easy substitutions for allergens. Available only between 10 am and 4 pm Monday – Friday.

Planning an event?
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Events can be held with less than the minimum number of guests, provided that the minimum payment is made. To get pricing details and other information, fill out our form. Include possible event date(s), if known. A team member will contact you to get started on planning.